About Us

Founded in 2021

by Antonino Puzzo.

Merging over 15 years of construction and property development experience with a lifelong passion in high fidelity audio and technology.

As the advancements in smart home technology accelerate, the complexity of the systems and how they all integrate together has become a challenge.

A challenge that Designer Home Audio and Automation is perfectly suited to meet. Not only are all the systems custom designed from the ground up, but the installation and renovation aspect of the project too.

The mission statement of Designer is changing the way people approach a renovation project. We endeavor to work WITH you instead of for you to make your dream project a reality.

Every project begins with getting to know the client and understanding their individualized preferences and working with them to create a roadmap to fulfil them all.

Our experience in building homes provides an excellent platform to ensure that not only will the initial system design be comprehensive, but the fit and finish will be of the highest quality.

Additional Services

Some of the additional niche skills that Designer brings to the table are:

  • An unsurpassed understanding of the various products and solutions available, to better tailor every system to the client’s individual needs.
  • Setting up and fine-tuning systems to client’s preferences.
  • Structural and interior remodel.
  • Acoustic treatment is the art (part science and part voodoo) where sound quality is maximized using a combination of reflecting and absorbing materials… that doesn’t compromise on style and décor. Acoustic treatment and performance. Even the best sound systems are at the mercy of environmental factors.
  • Sound proofing and sound reduction. Your neighbors will thank you. We have experience sound proofing everything from Buddhist meditation halls to indoor shooting ranges.